EriTea's Story

EriTea is more than just a beverage to me. It’s honoring my family history, it’s sharing my love of tea and ultimately serving others. It all starts with family. Born in Eritrea, my father was an undercover Eri fighter who not only experienced imprisonment, but also torture, and eventualty loss of livelihood migrating our family to the neighboring country of Sudan. While it was terrifying starting our new life in a foreign country, away from everything we’ve known, my parents instilled this one meaningful value:

“Our greatest privilege is to serve others around us while growing in gratitude for what we were left with.”

Photo of plane landing

After three years of living in Sudan, and seeking asylum, our family had another opportunity to transition and migrate to the United States. Yet again my parents overcame the resettlement process and we continued to approach every opportunity with gratitude, making the best with what we were offered.

Family walking together

My family is my reason for creating the EriTea brand. This brand embodies the values my family instilled in me from our humble beginnings. Our parents cultivated relationships with others in our “new home”. My mother blended our history with new memories by brewing traditional tea that she learned from her mother, sharing it with new friends. Sharing tea and stories about our journey that made them forget just for a moment all about their worries in life. From the beginning, EriTea has been committed to serving others the same tea my mother made for family and friends bringing a sense of peace and comfort.

Family standing together for photo